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About Us

about us

Fastrak Solutions is in the business of building relationships with clients that need to compete on the Internet. Unlike web design companies that sell you a website and move on to the next customer, Fastrak Solutions wants to be a business partner that can provide you with the knowledge and expertise that you need to be successful. Our core focus is to consult with clients on how to leverage the Internet to gain a competitive advantage. Our consultants provide customized, realistic, and results-driven solutions for our clients.

Based in Cookeville, TN, Fastrak Solutions has clients located both locally and world-wide. Established in 1989, Fastrak started as a software development company. We have evolved over the years from producing quality control software and consulting to helping develop strategic Internet marketing plans and solutions. Whether you are looking for a web presence with a website or a comprehensive strategy that includes a website, social media and email campaigns, we can assist you.

Why use Fastrak Solutions?

  • We build a relationship that ensures we are there for you not only when the project is launched but long term for continued success.
  • We conduct research so you can enter your online market with confidence that your project will be successful and your goals will be met.
  • We share our Internet marketing experience with you. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you have the benefit of our lessons learned.
  • We deliver creative websites built with the main purpose of accomplishing your business objectives and goals.
  • We combine great service with undeniable value.
  • We use a developmental process that enables us to meet client needs promptly and reliably.