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Pay Per Click Advertising

Fastrak Solutions offers a comprehensive collection of pay-per-click and search engine marketing services. Our proven methods have been developed over years of managing PPC accounts. We deliver the results that you expect from online marketing. We also provide pay-per-click consulting and landing page design.

In our process, we take time to gain an in-depth knowledge of your business, industry, and clients. After we have gained that knowledge, we provide you a customized search engine marketing strategy and NOT a cookie cutter solution that we try to apply to all our clients. Once we have that knowledge, we develop a list of relevant keywords and keyword phrases that will get us exposure based on the search queries of your target audience. We monitor the performance of those keywords, ads and landing pages to make necessary adjustments and receive continued success.

We are able to help you with the many types of pay per click advertising. We will help you determine the best ones for your business goals.

Search advertising - Adwords and Bing Ads

The most common type of search ad can be found on Google and Bing. They appear at the top and bottom of the search results with a little "ad" logo. This form of PPC advertising is a proven method of returning results.

Social advertising - Facebook and LinkedIn

Your ads can be placed in your target demographics' newsfeed or in their social hangout. We can create ads on most social platforms but Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With a successful social advertising strategy, you can increase your brand in a super shareable environment.


Ever been on a website and then seen their ads start popping up throughout the internet? You have been remarketed to. This is a really effective method of PPC and targets an audience that has already shown interest in your brand.  It keeps the visitor engaged and keeps them reminded of a product that they may not have purchased yet.

Display advertising

Display advertising is ads that are displayed on partner sites throughout the internet. You can adjust what partner sites are used and/or what interest they will be displayed for. You can use both text and image advertisements.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an effective type of PPC advertising for customers that have a product that they are selling directly on the internet. Potential customers will see your product and price before they even get to your website. 

Fastrak Solutions has a proven track record of implementing and managing PPC campaigns for various types of businesses.  If you would like an expertly developed online marketing strategy that is customized to your specific business's needs and wants to learn more about our PPC management services, contact us at 931-265-2922 today.