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Web Design

We design and build mobile responsive websites that engage visitors, communicate your brand, are easy to use, and call for action. Every website we design includes a content management system, such as Joomla and Wordpress, which gives our clients complete control of the website's content. Every website we design is unique to a client's business and needs. They are built with one thing in mind and that is getting results for the client.

Because we offer a complete solution of online marketing services, we will offer you just the right website that you need for your business, unlike many web-only businesses that will try to sell you the biggest website possible regardless of your goals and needs. Also because we offer a complete solution, you will find that our websites are designed with your other internet marketing in mind. You will get a website that has been search engine optimized and will not need a separate company to optimize it or produce a mobile version for you We also will integrate lead generation tools and create calls to action to get potential clients to contact you.

All projects that Fastrak Solutions do follows this process. We are continuously refining the pieces that make up these main categories based on the experience we continue to gain. This allows us to do the best possible job in providing you with a website and/or Internet marketing. Our process consists of an Initial Consultation, Project Proposal, Design and Development, Project Launch and Evaluate and Refine. You can find out more about each section below.

Initial Consultation

Almost every project starts with the initial consultation. This free consultation, either face-to-face or by telephone, is where we learn about your business, goals for the project, customers, and competitors. We want to find out how your business runs and what makes it different than companies that do the same thing. Next, we want to hear your goals for activities on the Internet; are you just looking for a website or do you want to use social media more. We will also ask about your customers and competitors. All these things together will give us a picture about your company.
Also doing the initial consultation, we will start the education process of explaining different parts of Internet marketing and how they apply to you. This may be answering questions you have about things like Pay-Per-Click advertising or explaining options that you may not have thought about that can be used for your business. We do this because we believe it is important that you understand how the Internet can be used so we can make the best decisions together for your Intenet strategy.
We strive to make sure that there is always some takeaways that you gain through the meeting that you can use, whether you decide to use Fastrak Solutions or not. If you already haven't scheduled a consultation, contact us today so we can find out more about your company and help you make decisions that will help you achieve your goals. The consultation is free and there is no obligation.

Project Proposal

After the consultation, we will take the information that we have gathered and create a proposal of an Internet strategy that we feel will best help you accomplish your goals. The proposal will talk about the different ways of using the Internet and explain which ones might benefit you the most. There will also be appendices to explain in more detail each of the strategies. Included with the individual recommended actions is the cost associated. Often a proposal can be phased in if needed. You can read more about the different services that we may propose here.

Design and Development

Once the strategy has been refined, we will start the development process. This can include web design, search engine submissions, electronic newsletter design, and training. During the development, you will get updates on the progress and be asked to approve designs and other important pieces of the project. We will also provide a list of items such as content and photos that you might need to provide.

Project Launch

The project launch might be all at once or in phases. At this point, we will finish any last minute changes, complete training and make sure that all the services and products are live. Reports will also become available at this time.

Evaluate and Refine

This part of the process often sets us apart from our competitors. We don't just design your website and leave. We value the relationship we have with each of our clients. We make sure that we are there for you if you have questions or need things done for you. We also help you continue to refine and improve your online activity. The Internet is always changing and you need an expert that keeps up with those changes. We become those experts for you.